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How Do You Award Your Employees?

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Posted on February 24, 2016


Award your employees in a way that’s memorable and public. Why?

If you want to award your employees, you should know that recognition requires more than money. A gift card or a lunch party is nice, but that bit of genuine feedback, that thoughtful gift, that extra step of consideration, is what we all really crave.

When it comes time to recognize good employees, smart business owners and management make sure their team members feel valued. Employees that feel treated with respect and consideration will not only be more productive, but will also elevate the morale of the workplace.

So how do you award recognition to your more deserving staff members? Isn’t a “Good job!” and a good ol’ pat on the back enough?

According to the Incentive Research Foundation, “Recognition should acknowledge employee contributions immediately after the fact and can be cash or noncash (e.g., verbal recognition, trophies, certificates, plaques, dinners, tickets, etc.).

Some companies give out a gift card or buy their team lunch, but many businesses do something with a much longer-lasting effect: they present plaques and trophies to their best of the best, and these elegant awards are mounted permanently on a wall for all to see. Now these plaques will continue to inspire and push others to work better and harder. It’s a winning situation for all.

Giving out the award itself is another chance to demonstrate to all your other employees that you applaud and reward excellence. Present the plaque at a staff meeting and show everyone that their efforts will be recognized.

The gesture of it, and the fact that you went through the trouble of having a beautiful plaque made up and engraved with an employee’s name and achievements, is a bigger stimulant to be more productive than any little gift card could ever be.

There is no price on recognition. Employees who feel that you know what they are worth, and that you will award them for it, will be more loyal and better performing than ones that are used to being passed over and forgotten. This builds you a solid workforce and reduces employee turnover.

If you are ready to award your best men and women in South Florida, feel free to call Michelson’s Trophies at 305-687-9898. And please tell us in the comments below how you have recognized your own best of the best.

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